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Simple Questions of a Pinoy: Cybercrime Prevention Act of the Philippines

Mga tanong ng isang simpleng estudyante ng Information Technology (The questions of a simple IT college student)

If Senator Tito Sotto knows how to alternatively “Tagalize” after he was found out to have been plagiarizing bloggers (though he was still caught with that very naughty act aside from his other evil attempts to silence his noisy detractors), I decided to “Englify” a Facebook post which I found rather amusing.

This person listed down his questions about the implementations of the Philippine Cybercrime Law, or also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, and from it I can detect a knowledge I can assume he got for having a background on IT, or must be the teens nowadays are really technically-inclined and proficient already in the IT lingo.

So I’ll just translate it from Tagalog to English and add some of my own comments along the posts. Thank you.


1. Paano matetrace kung anonymous ang poster or nagcomment?

How would the authorities trace an anonymous poster? – Indeed, it would be difficult to find out the culprit who posted libelous statements if it was posted anonymously or using a fictitious account.

2. Paano kung nasa internet cafe siya nag oonline, paano malalaman ang exact identity?

How would you know the exact identity if the culprit used public Internet access – There would be additional complications after being able to trace an IP address that ended up to be coming from a public place like an Internet Cafe, WI-Fi hotspot at coffee shops like Starbucks, or at Malls like the Ayala Center.

3. Kung naka dynamic IP ang ISP, it takes several days or months to discover or view the exact IP of the poster. Madaming araw at panahon ang igugol nila to make it possible in tracing the poster.. hmmm ..

If the ISP has a dynamic IP setup, it will take several days or months to discover or view the exact IP of the poster. They will spend a long time to make it possible to trace the poster – Does this mean the authoririties can now force the ISPs to cooperate with them in revealing their subscribers account and identities?

4. Paano kung nakaproxy ako?

What if I’m using proxy services – In many companies they use proxy servers so they can distribute the Internet access among their management and staff. If the poster used company Internet connection, would the authorities begin forcing the System Admins of organization to gain access to corporate systems and data?

5. Paano kung naka VPN ako?

What if I’m on VPN? – the Virtual Private Network setup would also require the authorities to work closer with the System Administrators. I for one would not allow other people to touch my production servers because I know they’ll might carelessly break it causing downtime.

6. Paano nlng kung nakikigamit lang ako ng PC sa kaibigan ko, makukulong din ba siya? paano kung di niya alam ang pinost ko? makukulong ang Innocent man? wew

What if I’m just borrowing Internet access from a friend, will he be imprisoned too? What if he did not know what I was doing? Are they going to put an innocent man in jail? – People would now hesitate letting other people borrow their smartphones, tablets or laptops in fear that one might use his gadget to post libelous content.

7. Paano naman kung deleted na ung post? screenshot ba pedeng iconsidered as evidence?

What if I already deleted the libelous post, would they be able to use screenshots as still evidence? – Since you posted it already and that there’s a great possibility that people have already read it, you may still be liable to charges. Screenshots are already proof that it previously existed so there’s no denying it unless its a tampered image which is very easy to do nowadays.

8. Paano nlng kung merong 1K like and 2k comments, lahat sila makukulong? di kaya sardinas na sa kulungan niyan? pa isa isa pa nga lang sardinas na.. ano pa kaya yang mass arrest.. ahahahah

What if all my thousands of friends made a comment, are they all going to jail? The prison cell looks a lot like a can of sardines already. If you jail them all its already sardine like, what if its a mass arrest? – I have more than 5000 friends in my Facebook account, that’s already the limit in Facebook so the rest became followers or joined my other account. If they all commented to my libelous post  with equally shameless rants and curses, then all of them might be accompanying me in jail.

9. Kung naka cellphone ako… mac type ang access niya…. tapos number base.. eh kung magpalit ako ng number at cp, paano na?

If I’m using a cellphone to access the Internet, and its MAC address access, then number base, what if I change phone number and phones? How are they still going to catch me? – Mobile computing cybercriminals will be greatly difficult to efficiently trace especially if Internet access is via multiple providers. Travelers using Wi-Fi hospots in the various locations they go into would recording in various codes into your computer.

10. Paano na lang kung gagamitin ko ang ibang name ng ibang tao? or yung sanggol? kasi mostly sa time ngaun ang mga paslit meron na silang mga facebook accounts… i kukulong din ba?

What if I use the name of other people, or even a baby? As you very well know, even the young kids of today already have their Facebook accounts. Will they also be sent to jail? – Anonymous users will start becoming plenty as many would be afraid to use their real identities. Just don’t put in the names of your loved ones as that would somehow implicate you as well if authorities get the idea how you two are related.  Imagine going after someone you would later find out as the name of her baby brother.


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