Uber-Creative Technology-Enhanced Design Services

Complete Internet Cafe and LAN Shop Installation and Maintenance

Technospecs (Technology Specialists) Creative Services
Professional Creative Services with a Personal Touch
Mobile #: 0916 6459045

We offer you complete and affordable Internet Cafe / LAN Shop / Gaming Shop installation and maintenance packages….We could submit a proposal or customize our services based on your budget. Let us do the worries in all technical aspects. Just sit down, relax, and manage your business …and let us setup and maintain the computers for you. Our company is headed by an IT professional and Electronics and Communications Engineer with several years of experience as a certified Systems Administrator from reputable organizations.He also has a background in conducting Technical Training programs for corporate accounts, and is also in the Internet Cafe and Gaming Shop business for several years. This guarantees you actual and real life exposure in the Internet Cafe and Gaming Shop business backed up by a strong foundation in advance Systems and Network Administration and Maintenance.
1. Hardware and Software recommendation, sales or upgrade
2. LAN design and layout of UTP cables
3. Configuration of wired or wireless routers, modems,switches and other networking devices
4. Installation of Windows or Linux Operating Systems, MS Office or Open Office application, Online, Network and Stand-Alone Games, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Utilities, etc.
5. Installation and configuration of server, cafe timers and/or monitoring tools
6. Printer Continuous Ink System conversion
7. Regular patch updates for Online games, anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.
8. Scheduled preventive maintenance to keep your PCs up and running smoothly
9. Remote troubleshooting and assistance for minor computer problems
10. Setup of simple and affordable surveillance cameras fit for your budget
11. Training of staff or cafe attendants in using cafe timers and simple maintenance procedures
12. Coordination with your Internet Service Providers (Globe, PLDT, etc) especially during downtime
13. Coordination with IT Vendor for hardware warranty claims and/or replacement
14. Backup and disaster recovery procedures
15. Hardware Upgrade plans and recommendations
16. Online marketing of your presence and services with free customized web site to reach a wider array of customers and clients
17. PC Supplies and Consumables (CD and DVD Recordables, Bond Papers, Specialty Papers, CIS Ink Refills, etc)
18. A whole bunch of freebies to get you started (latest MP3s, PSP Games, Movies, etc.)


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