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The BlackBerry Jam Hackathon Winners

Tekkie Tekkie Muna (Look straight into the computer, and titigang maigi ang premyo nila), have you heard of the BlackBerry Jam Hackathon – a 40-hour Blackberry app development competition where participants battle it out for top prizes like a Trip to Bangkok, Thailand for 4, 1 BlackBerry 10 DevAlpha, 4 BlackBerry 7 devices, 4 BlackBerry Playbook tablets plus consultancy from RIM.

What do they have to do? Just hack their way to a potential money-making BlackBerry app idea and present it to a board of judges from the BlackBerry community composed of Dave Patterson, Christian Besler, Cameron Vernest and William Yu.

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Filipino Social Media Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

Hey, who doesn’t know Mikey Bustos of the Filipino Accent Tutorial fame in YouTube?

He’s that guy who often talks to alternate egos of himself portraying different identities. That guy who could be confused as “Kris Lawrence”, RNB sensation. Could be his twin brother if seen from afar. Can talk like Kris too, except for the unique sense of humor that lifts him up above a notch higher from other YouTube rising stars, if not reached already a peak others could have a hard time to beat.

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Simple Questions of a Pinoy: Cybercrime Prevention Act of the Philippines

Mga tanong ng isang simpleng estudyante ng Information Technology (The questions of a simple IT college student)

If Senator Tito Sotto knows how to alternatively “Tagalize” after he was found out to have been plagiarizing bloggers (though he was still caught with that very naughty act aside from his other evil attempts to silence his noisy detractors), I decided to “Englify” a Facebook post which I found rather amusing.

This person listed down his questions about the implementations of the Philippine Cybercrime Law, or also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, and from it I can detect a knowledge I can assume he got for having a background on IT, or must be the teens nowadays are really technically-inclined and proficient already in the IT lingo.

So I’ll just translate it from Tagalog to English and add some of my own comments along the posts. Thank you.

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Featured Blog: The Science Cookie Jar

The Science Cookie Jar

The About the Science Cookie Jar page describes the blog as:

“Explore the world of Science in bite-size servings like eating your favorite cookie one bite at a time.

Delve in the scientific fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, information and communication technology, and all of their related disciplines as The Science Cookie Jar delivers interesting facts, theories and observations as applied in our everyday lives.

It is also more fun learning Science when we know how it can be useful and applicable in our daily activities or chores at home, school or at work.

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Featured Blog: Pinoy Tekkie

Pinoy Tekkie is a blog that tries to bring you technology in layman’s term so that current, trending or significant technologies would be more user-friendly and understandable even to the beginner (noob + rookie = noobie) or passerby (just decided to do some tech-tripping one fine day). But creatively adding some sort of spice and spunk so the posts wont be boring for the pro (tech master or guru).

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DEFCON On (Hacked) Huawei Routers

Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas: Hackers at Def Con 20 gathering on Sunday were shown how to easily slip into computer networks through some routers made by Chinese electronics colossus Huawei Technologies.

“For the 20th anniversary of Def Con the gift hits China,” Recurity Labs chief Felix “FX” Lindner said as he opened his presentation.

Nobody needs a back door; this is plausible deniability,” he quipped as he detailed weaknesses in three small Huawei routers that could be exploited using basic hacking techniques. “You get what you pay for. Sorry.”

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Infographic CV

Android Smartphone Hacks

Hacking experts showed off their prowess at the Black Hat hacking conference in Las Vegas, where some 6,500 corporate and government security technology workers gathered to learn about emerging threats to their networks. They demonstrated ways to attack Android smartphones using methods they said work on virtually all such devices in use today.

Despite recent efforts by search engine giant Google to boost protection Sean Schulte of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs says “Google is making progress, but the authors of malicious software are moving forward.”

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